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15+ Top WordPress Customization Service Providers 2021 – Most Comprehensive List

Complete List of Best WordPress Customization Service Providers & Web Design and Development Companies

The following are the best WordPress Customization Service Providers & Web Design and Development Companies where you can find experts to build you a website or look for WordPress theme customization service, or perhaps WooCommerce customization service and more.

WordPress Customization Service providers

If you are here, then it means that you have your WordPress website all set and you are looking for a WordPress customization service.

You may have purchased or downloaded a free WordPress theme and your preferred plugins as well.

When you purchase a plugin or theme, certainly you will be provided with 6 to 12 months of support by the author, but this support service is always limited.

They usually help you with limited technical assistance, and when it comes to code writing, changing looks and functionalities of a theme or plugin, the answer for your call is a straight NO, even if you purchase the best-selling plugins or the best themes.

Therefore, for theme and plugin customization services you definitely need a WordPress Customization service provider to handle all your needs beyond the scope of abilities of a basic support team.

Obviously, most of the companies that produce themes and plugins, also, provide customization services.

It is as clear as day that developers of the theme or plugin are the best candidates to mess around with the product.

There are a lot of alternatives to those guys creating those themes and plugins.

Here we are going to suggest 6 of the best WordPress customization service providers.

Katsuwordpress customization service

Katsu is a team of experienced designers and developers who are super experienced in WordPress customization services.

These guys sold many products that were sold on Envato markets, and not to mention, their products were great hits and has great web design quality.

Since they have a vast experience in creating all things WordPress, especially products on Envato, they are also greatly familiar with the products sold in this market.

That said, if you have any product purchased on Envato and you need customization services, be sure to trust them.

Their pricing is really fair, and for a customization service, you might not need to pay more than $39/hour.

Also, they offer a wide range of WordPress customization services, from theme and plugin customization to theme and plugin development and integrations with WooCommerce and many more.


  • Great pricing
  • Experience on Envato
  • Wide range of services
  • WordPress experts who created their own themes and plugins
  • High-quality deliverance


  • Not really well-known yet



wordpress customization service

Codeable is one of the most reputed and trusted platforms for hiring developers for your WordPress customization services.

There you can find so many experts in code writing and WordPress customization services.

They offer all kinds of WordPress customization services, from theme and plugin development to customization and integration with any platform you like. They can create any websites you need, from restaurants to church, pets, and clothing etc.

Codeable is a bit more expensive than its rivals. However, bear in mind that if you work with Codeable you will surely have a good night’s sleep with your project at the hand of the expert.


  • Trustworthy
  • Find various experts in different fields


  • A bit expensive



WerkPress is one of the oldest in WordPress customization services for freelancers. These guys really know the ropes in this business.

Based on their experience and the long time since they first began, a lot of WordPress theme and plugin creators trust them with their customers.

Surely if you need WordPress customization services, you can trust these guys with your projects.

They even do not need to be told about the project, trust me, they know all the ins and outs.

Their pricing is a bit fairer in comparison to others, but still, it depends on what kind of project you are looking for.


  • Vast experience
  • Trusted by many companies


  • Only all things WordPress


Envato Studio

Envato Studio does not need to be introduced at all. if you have even a tiny bit of experience in the WordPress world, certainly you have face the name at least once.

This market is full of experts for WordPress customization services, and just like Codeable, they offer a wide variety of WordPress services.

What’s more, these guys are very familiar with the products on the Evanto market, be it a theme or plugin.

That said, if you purchased anything on Themeforest, Codecanyon or any other related market, then be sure to refer to these guys, since they are here to save the day for you.

The pricing is rather fair, yet do not just trust everyone, be sure to check the reviews for every single developer there.

it can give you huge insights for choosing your preferred developer.


  • Super popular and trustworthy
  • Familiarity with Envato products
  • Fair prices


  • The support is a bit weak, but they will get back to you, however, takes long


People per Hour

People per Hour is another great platform for the freelancers out there.

The good thing is that you can find many experts in the same field and with various price ranges.

That said, you are allowed to make a choice and hire an expert you like with the pricing you like for the same project.

Here also the freelancers offer all things WordPress.

They offer a wide range of services from theme and plugin customization to theme and plugin development and even more.

So, what are you waiting for just give it a try!


  • Price range diversity
  • Numerous options to choose from


  • You cannot trust everyone with your projects



freelancer.com is just like the Envato Studio. It is the world’s biggest freelancer network, and service marketplace.

A bit more reputed than people Per Hour, this platform has over thousands of freelancers awaiting your projects.

These guys offer all kinds of WordPress customization services. But beware of frauds.

Unfortunately, this market place, although, very reputed and well-known all around the world, its verification processes are a bit flawed.

That said, you cannot trust everyone there. There can be freelancers and also clients who are not verified and are not trustworthy.

Make sure, to read the reviews of the freelancers first and then make your choice.

Freelancer has a great filtering option to find your favorite projects if you are a freelancer.

Also, it has great filtering options for those who are looking for freelancers with particular skills.


  • Great filtering options
  • Thousands of options
  • Various prices


  • Cannot be trusted
  • Automated payments



You can find your preferred experts for your intended WordPress customization service using the above information.

We have prepared this review so that it is made easy for you to decide where you want to turn to for your projects.

There are still a lot of great WordPress customization service providers out there, but the scope of this article cannot cover them all.

These providers are the Upwork, KriosFiverr, Toptal, Guru and many more.

Hopefully, we will try to discuss them in our later blog posts.

Stay put, for the next posts to come!

Here’s a video on the best marketplaces by Justin Bryant for the freelancers and where you can find professional WordPress customization companies or freelancers.

Dave Miller
Dave Miller

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