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Best Free Illustrations for Your Next Website Design Project – List of 5 Best Sources

If you want to have a website with a great chunk of visitors and fans, of course, you should most certainly take care of the design of your website as well; A website with a mediocre design or even a good design is not enough, you need a spectacular web design for your website. But, before we get to the heart of the matter I need to let you know that a complete video is already at the end of the article which you can have a look at if you are not in the mood for reading a longitudinal article. 🙂

Nowadays, illustrations have become an integral part of web design, and when I say illustrations I am of course referring to visual graphics elements from dynamic shapes to character illustrations that can boost your brand image and brand awareness.

In this article, we’ll be shedding some light on the web design in the new era and also most importantly introduce a list of the best sources for free vector illustrations and best free illustrations for your next website design project.

What are the reasons illustrations found such a place in website design?

The reason is that they can explain the whole purpose of your service or website in a single artboard or they can be so varied and in different colours or shapes that can make a very abstract concept be conveyed to your users.

Also, one of the most important points here is that best free illustrations are not a lot out there, however, you can still find some fine ones around the web.


An Introduction on Best Free Illustrations for Web Design

Best free Illustration packages for web design

There are numerous variables you should take into consideration when designing a website. This is even more important when you want to use illustrations. Surely we can introduce all the site for illustrations for free right away, however, if you do not know how to choose the one that best fits your design then they are of no use of course.

First and foremost is the copyright of the work of art. Certainly, these are all Free Illustrations for your design but you should make sure that you do not need to do anything extra in order for it to be a completely royalty-free illustration. In some cases, like Freepik you need to mention the original author if you intend to use the word of art as your main element for your design.

Secondly, the trends in the design are of vital importance. You should always follow the latest trends in illustration art. The trends are related to colours, shapes, character models, and many other variables. Illustration art is a very complex kind of art that has a lot of aspects. Everything can have a significant impact on the viewer from colours to shapes and even lines.

Therefore, make sure to be always up to date with the newest trends in the world of Illustration art.

Another point you should consider is the fact that you cannot choose and illustration work just because you like it or it is beautiful. Illustration art in your website design or any other design should have a story, something that it wants to point out. It should make a difference, make the viewer understand or feel something. So, try to tell a story in your illustration art.

Now, if we are clear enough, let’s go on and get into the topic of free illustration sources for your web design in more depth.


1. Free Illustration Package For Web Design – Katsu Studio

Katsu Studio started its operation in 2013. It is a WordPress customization service provider and also a WordPress Maintenance Service Provider. Nonetheless, it also has a couple of products to download. Katsu Studio also operates in the area of design, brand design, SEO services, Illustration design art and many other fields.

One of the biggest steps forward was creating a Free Illustration Package For Web Design which is an all-in-one solution for your next website design.

Of course, the best package which is professionally aimed at web design is the Free Illustration Package For Web Design by Katsu Studio, yet it is only perfect for web design and in other areas, it is not as good as its rivals.

The reason it is the best in web design is that it was professionally aimed at all the vector illustration designs which are directly related to the web design and not any other topics in design, however, still, you can find great artboards among them which are suited for you other designs as well.

This package of illustration art includes about 15+ artboards with various topics from CRM to Email Marketing systems, support, web design agency, and many more.

Of course, the license for this package is the best out there. Because it is a 100% illustrations for Free which you can use in any of your designs and as the main elements without the need to even mention the real creator.

You’ll have full access to all these free illustrations in different formats like Adobe XD, Sketch, SVG, PNG and many more.

I assure you that by downloading this package you won’t need any other illustration art for your website design. It is your ultimate solution for any websites.

If you’d like you can choose one of the paid packages as well and go Pro!


2. unDraw

Before anything else, one of the best thing I love about unDraw is its versatility in terms of vector illustration design which is not limited to a specific topic like the Free Illustration Package For Web Design by Katsu Studio. In this platform you can search a topic and the most relevant illustrations for Free will pop up and you can go ahead and download it right away.

The drawback to this is that Katsu Studio has a package in which all the illustrations follow the same design methods, rules, colour schemes and etc. however, the best illustrations for free you find in unDraw do not follow the same path in terms of following technical design principles.

The illustration arts in unDraw might perhaps use different colour schemes or shape rules.

UnDraw started its operations in 2017. This illustration library includes 600+ free illustration that can cover any topic. The designer behind these masterpieces is Katerina Limpitsouni.

There are certain functionalities that make this platform even more attractive to its users. One is the ability to recolour or change the colour scheme of an illustration in the website online. The other is that you will be handed an illustration with SVG format for Free.

The important point is that when you have access to the SVG files, then you can make modifications to any parts of the illustration art and change it to your likings.

This way, you might be able to mix several Illustration SVGs with one another and come up with self-customized illustration work. I believe you will love it!


3. DrawKit

DrawKit is another platform which offers some of the best Free illustrations for web projects. This website also has the forte that its 50 free illustration arts are in 2 different styles which is a good thing. As I mentioned before, this characteristic makes it easier for you to use these illustrations for free on your website or in your design more consistently.

James Daly is the one behind this great website.

If you used the illustrations for Free, then you can also subscribe to one of the paid packages on this website as well.

Again, on this website, you can get the files in formats like SVG and PNG so you can customize them as well as you like. Also, the license on this website is MIT which is absolutely great for personal and commercial use cases. Also, the versatility is great but not as good as unDraw.


4. Absurd Illustrations

What is very interesting about the Absurd Illustrations website is that its illustration is indeed absurd but not in a negative way, but of course in an absolutely opposite way. It free illustration designs are so intuitive, outlandish, and creative that makes them so greatly absurd.

This absurdity will, of course, attract your visitors and makes them look at the illustration arts for hours.

The important point is that the strangeness of the illustrations is the key to success in this website. The Free illustrations in this website are so awesomely different from any other illustrations you have ever seen that it even can help you become more creative in building your website.

Another good point about the Illustrations on this website is the fact that in terms of the topic of the design they are absolutely versatile.

As we spoke about the website with complete access and royalty-free illustrations like Katsu Studio, this website is the opposite. Actually, its illustration arts are free but if you’re going to use them in your project then you should as well link back to the page where you took the illustration design.

Unfortunately, this website does not provide you with various formats and the only format possible in the free mode is the PNG one which you cannot edit or customize. However, in their paid model you can pay $19 and then you will have full access to all the formats and of course, a lot more images. I need to mention that the $19 is a premium membership system.


5. ManyPixels

This website is very much similar to unDraw with the difference in the design trend of the illustrations for Free. Vector illustrations in this website have some unique qualities of their own and what is very interesting about this website is that you can choose a colour scheme before searching for illustration art.

Good thing is that you can get the SVG format and the bad thing is that you can’t have them in any other formats but of course you can get the SVG and later change it into any formats you want using the third-party software.

The license for the free illustration arts on this website is totally free. But it has some reasonable restrictions that are almost the same in all the packages and platforms above as well. You cannot redistribute or resell the Free illustration arts of this website anywhere or to anyone.


Conclusion – Need Illustrations for Free?

These are not the only sources for the best Free illustration packages. Of course, there are a lot more sources for illustration libraries for free you can surf, but the above are indeed the best in what they do.

Here’s a video if you are not in the mode to read a very longitudinal article on the topic. This video has been prepared and edited by Gary Simon a professional Graphic Designer on his YouTube channel ‘DesignCourse‘. Hope it helps! 🙂

Dave Miller
Dave Miller


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      Dave Miller

      Thank you for your kind comment. We are always trying our best to come up with the most informative materials for our awesome readers and users and we try our best to keep away from marketing purposes. 😉💖

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