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10 Best Plugins 2021 For Your WordPress Website

Best Plugins You need for your WordPress Website

If you want to start a WordPress website, then surely you need several plugins on your website to get it running.

There are around 54000+ plugins out there to choose from, which makes it a rather difficult choice to make for the starters who do not know much about WordPress and its plugins.

There are several questions often asked by those who use the WordPress website regarding different plugins for Speed Optimization, SEO, Backup, WP Resetting, Social Media and many more.

Since we have a professional team in this area, and also because they use and test many free and premium plugins on a monthly basis, in this article, we are giving you a little information about the necessary plugins you might need for your WordPress website.

Surely if you choose the WordPress best plugins out there, it can ensure the growth of your business and also your revenue.

The following are the plugins you must have in 2019 if you want to run your business smoothly and with a great rate of growth.

Please bear in mind that these are the plugins that we recommend and we do install them when we want to start a new WordPress website.

best wordpress plugins


Best Plugin to Create Forms – WPForms

best wordpress plugins


Surely a contact form could be the first thing you need on your website. Because a contact form makes it easier for your visitors or customers to reach you whenever needed.

Obviously one of the things which makes your business thrive is good customer service. Now we introduce WordPress best plugins in this area.

WPforms is one of the most user-friendly drag & drop form builders out there. It offers a wide range of features, such as email subscription forms, contact forms, online order forms, payment forms, polls and surveys and even more.

Another great point about this plugin is that it can be integrated almost with all the popular marketing and payment platforms.

Using this plugin you can create forms in a blink of an eye. Besides, you can create your own customized WordPress user registration form and login page.

It even comes with options to help you create a custom WordPress user registration form and login page.

Here’s the WPform Lite version for people who need a simple solution for their WP website forms.

Another alternative to this plugin can be the Formidable Forms. You can create advanced forms using this plugin as well.



best wordpress plugins


If you are looking for a Google Analytics WordPress plugin, then go no further.

One of the best plugins in this area is MonsterInsights. Using this plugin, you can easily connect your website to Google Analytics and then you can use its data to enhance the marketing strategies and technics of your business.

It offers a wide array of features of which, one of them is that it displays the most important analytics stats right inside your WordPress dashboard.

Surely, this plugin can help you boost your marketing strategies and in turn your revenue and growth of your business.

You can get to the pick of your business if just you know how these stats should be used.

There is a Free version of MonsterInsights, however, we recommend you to go Pro if you want to see what this plugin can offer to grow your business beyond limits.

This plugin is already used by millions of websites on the internet.


Yoast SEO

best wordpress plugins


Let’s talk business. If you really want your customers to find you and therefore increase your network of visitors, customers, and users, then the most important part of your WordPress website is SEO. Thinking about WordPress best plugins for SEO, continue reading.

If you have great SEO, then surely you will get a great rate of organic traffic from search engines.

Certainly WordPress itself is SEO-ready out of the box, nevertheless, there are so many other things you can do to increase your website traffic.

For your On-page SEO, one of the best plugins out there is Yoast SEO. Anyone who has worked in the field of WordPress even for a few months must have heard about this great plugin.

Like the other plugins we mentioned, this plugin also offers a great number of features like generating sitemaps, connecting your site to Google Search Console, meta tags optimizing it for social media and many more.

It prevents your website from having any broken links, which in turn will boost your SEO a great deal. Yoast SEO does it by detecting the change of URLs and then creating auto-redirects and therefore, prevents any broken links generation.

If you need more information on how to work with this great plugin, you can find many more materials on this topic by a simple Google search.


Constant Contact

best plugins


As a business owner, definitely the best marketing tool available for free is Email.

Email Marketing is now one of the most popular and most effective solutions for enhancing your business revenue and also popularity in the It world.

Email Marketing allows you to trace your leads and convert them into customers, and that is why it is strongly suggested to any business to build an email list of the customers and leads right away.

Therefore, as the importance of it has now been pointed out, you surely need WordPress best plugins to increase your revenue.

This plugins, Constant Contact, is the best email marketing service provider in the WordPress CMS.

Using this plugin, you can create modern newsletters and also email lists and you can send them to your recipients on a preferred schedule.

Any non-tech user can use it since it is very user-friendly and also it is fully compatible with almost all the popular lead generation plugins like WPforms we mentioned earlier.

There are also several alternatives to this plugin like ConvertKit.



best plugins


One of the most popular plugins for conversion rate optimization is OptinMonster.

This plugin allows you to turn you slip-away leads into email subscribers and also customers like a piece of cake.

It ensures the increase of your email subscribers by its pre-built high-converting rate opt-in forms which are also customizable to a great extent.

This customizability is due to its drag & drop feature.

It also allows you to customize the campaigns based on each single of your users’ requirements.

This way, you can send the right message at the right time.

If you have a blog, eCommerce website or a business website then this plugin is a must-have for you.

Basically, if you want your business to grow and increase your income, trust me, this is what you need, and it is one of the best plugins for your needs.



best plugins


One of the most important aspects of running a WordPress website is its security. It should be given a high priority if you want to run your business and have a good night’s sleep.

Sucuri is one of WordPress best plugins for WordPress security. It offers a web application firewall and tools to make your website secure enough.

The application firewall is perhaps the most powerful tool you can get for your WP website security.

Sucuri protects your website, basically, from all kinds of attacks like brute force attacks, DDoS, XSS attacks, malware threats and any other sorts of attacks.

If you are running your business on a WordPress website and you do not have a firewall, don’t risk it, get the plugin and add a firewall now.



Best plugins


Now let’s talk about getting a backup. Some people do not give high priority to backup plugins, because they don’t think it’s an important aspect of having a website. Well, tell you what, it is wrong.

There are times when your server is down or you want to change your theme or a plugin on your website, and you lose all the data you worked for a long time.

UpdraftPlus makes it easy for you to set automatic backups and they are safely stored on a remote location like Rackspace, FTP, email, Google Drive, S3, Dropbox and many more.

UpdraftPlus is the most popular WordPress backup plugin in the market and it is one of WordPress best plugins in this area.

It is also super easy to restore your backups whenever needed.

This plugin has a free version as well, which offers all the basic features you might need to protect your WordPress website form losing data. Also, it has a premium version that has more features and also customer support priority.

VaultPress (Jetpack Backups) is another alternative to these kinds of plugins.


WP Rocket

best plugins


For the seed optimization of your website, certainly, you need a caching plugin that needs no technical skill to improve your website load speed and also performance.

WP-Rocket is one of WordPress best plugins of all time for speed optimization of your WP website.

There is a set of recommended WordPress caching settings which this plugin automatically turns them on. These recommended caching settings are:


Caching Setting
page cache Auto
cache pre-loading Auto
gzip compression Auto
lazy loading Manual
minification Manual
DNS pre-fetching Manual
CDN support Manual


Imagify is also another option WP-Rocket offers. It helps you optimize your images which in turn speeds up your website and decreases the page load time.

It is the most user-friendly easy-to-use speed optimization plugin of all.

The only drawback to point out is that it’s paid. WP Super Cache can be a good alternative, because it covers the only drawback WP-Rocket has, however, bear in mind that it is not as feature-rich and easy-to-use as WP-Rocket.


best plugins


One of the downsides of WordPress is that it does not let you create a multilingual website that easy. Obviously, this is a great disadvantage for those businesses that offer products or services on a global scale.

In any case the best plugin in this ares is WPML.

But, no worries, this problem is resolved by WPML which is one of the best multilingual WordPress plugin that helps you make a multilingual website easily and quickly.

It allows you to create SEO friendly content in different languages.

Another new plugin in this area can be TranslatePress which is becoming more and more popular these days.

Also, another great alternative is PolyLang which is also Free and easy to use. However, remember that these two last plugins we mentioned are not as powerful as WPML.

Alternative: TranslatePress is an excellent alternative that’s growing fast.


best plugins


Surely, those who have an eCommerce website and running their businesses using WordPress, need to have payment gateways to receive payments from their customers easily and more importantly quickly.

One of the best plugins in this area is WooCommerce.

WooCommerce certainly has taken the lead in recent years and it is now the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It is now used by over 3+ million websites worldwide.

It includes all the features you need for running your business and creating an online store.

It has become a very well-known name over the last few years. WooCommerce is now the most dominant in this area and it also has started working in other areas such as WooCommerce themes, WooCommerce plugins, WooCommerce hosting.

This plugin is also Free, and this is one of the greatest features of it all.

You need to know that using this plugin you will have access to almost all the popular payment gateways around the world. PayPal, Stripe, Square, Alipay, and many more.

A great alternative to the WooCommerce plugin is BigCommerce. It has high scalability and also low maintenance for major business owners.

Also, you need to know that you can integrate WOoCommerce with any theme or plugin which depends on payments.

You can trust your WordPress projects with the WordPress customization service of Katsu.

Also, here’s a quick video on the best WordPress plugins 2020.




The aforementioned are the must-have plugins you need for a WordPress website.

This list is certainly not complete and based on the nature of your WordPress website you might need some other plugins as well.

We will try to cover other best plugins that you need for your WordPress website.

If you liked our article, please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on our socials.

There is definitely much more to come on this topic soon.

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