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Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins for News Websites


To create and design a well-performing news feed on your website you’ll need to know how to code. Every website owner can’t afford to hire a developer since there are lots of plugins with great features that do the job for you. But how to design a news website?

WordPress is an ideal platform to build news-based websites because it can be extended by proper plugins. So, if you’ve decided to design your news website you need to know and get the best WordPress plugins for news sites.

Using these plugins, you’ll be able to create stunning post layouts, feature top news stories, get listed in Google News, and more. Continue reading this article to see what these plugins offer for your news website!


WordPress plugins for news websites

There are free, freemium, and premium plugins listed in this post. With that being said, even the premium plugins are worthwhile and to some extent affordable considering how much they can accomplish for your website.

There are different kinds of news WordPress plugins available on the market and it’s really hard to choose the best ones. So, I’ve made a list of the top 10 best News WordPress Plugins. All these plugins are easy to use and support one-click installation.

Here are the top 10 best WordPress plugins for news sites:

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1. Epic News Elements

Epic News Elements is one of the best WordPress plugins for news sites to convert any WordPress site into a good-looking news website. This plugin is designed specifically for the Elementor page builder and with it, you can create news, blog, or magazines for your theme.

If you are already using Elementor to create custom templates, it adds 70+ beautiful news elements to use with Elementor. Integrate it with the WPBakery and Elementor page building plugins to enable these features. 

Features of the Epic News Elements plugin are:

  • Unlimited layouts.
  • Unique design.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Compatible with custom post type.
  • Fully responsive.


2. WP Latest Posts

WP Latest Posts is next on our list of the best WordPress plugins for news sites. This plugin automatically formats all pages, posts, and even custom post types with one of the 6 built-in themes. 

The WP Latest Posts is designed in a way that it works perfectly fine with most of the page builders. With this plugin, you can create simple yet professional news layouts. But first, you have to configure the plugin.

Key features of the WP Latest Posts plugin are:

  • Compatible with WooCommerce.
  • Compatible with the Gutenberg editor.
  • Compatible with WordPress Multisite.
  • Automatic animation.

This plugin is available in both free and premium versions. You can download JoomUnited from the official WordPress website or directly from the WordPress Dashboard.


3. Simple News

As you can tell by the name of the plugin, Simple News is very easy to use. This plugin comes with the necessary features you need to output news on your WordPress website. You can also edit and publish news articles just like regular posts from your WordPress dashboard.

This plugin includes a settings menu where you can edit image sizes, and change the CSS for how the news items appear. Also, it has custom shortcodes along with widgets that show the news on posts, pages, and a footer.

Features of the Simple News plugin are:

  • News can be ordered.
  • It comes with a widget to display the latest news.
  • It has various shortcodes.


4. WP News and Scrolling Widgets

WP News and Scrolling Widgets is yet another one of the best WordPress plugins for news sites. This plugin builds a news archive to increase user engagement and it offers scrolling news widgets to display the latest news on your WordPress website. 

With the help of this plugin, you can make use of every section of the WordPress website and create a news section. It can create a custom post type that you can use to add a news section and manage it. 


The WP News and Scrolling Widgets plugin comes with a pro version too. If you upgrade to pro you get the following features:

  • More than 100 designs.
  • 6 extra shortcodes.
  • It will support Visual Composer page builder.
  • Adds the drag and drop feature to display news.
  • Custom CSS.
  • Multilingual.


5. Ditty News Ticker

Ditty News Ticker is a multi-functional data display WordPress plugin where you can easily add custom news features to your site. It includes 3 default modes i.e. Rotate Mode, List Mode, and Scroll Mode. This plugin is surely one of the best WordPress plugins for news sites. 

With these modes, you can get the style you have in mind or even something better. This plugin comes with a widget and shortcode so you can show the news anywhere on your news website you want.


The Ditty News Ticker plugin can be downloaded from the official WordPress website or directly from the WordPress Dashboard. It is available in both free and premium versions. As usual, you unlock more features if upgraded to the premium version. For example:

  • Posts ticker
  • Twitter ticker
  • Facebook ticker
  • RSS Feed ticker
  • Instagram ticker

The premium version is more likely to satisfy your needs. However, in the free version, you have to manually insert the created news to your website. 

6. Vertical News Scroller

Vertical News Scroller is a freemium WordPress plugin for a news site that allows the administrator to add, edit, or delete the news items from the website. The plugin lets you manage the total number of news, news scrolling speed, height and width, font, and colours.

It is another one of the best WordPress plugins for news sites that you can use to display vertical news for a WordPress website. The Vertical News Scroller plugin is available in both free and premium versions.

This plugin offers a set of features including: 

  • Add the desired number of news to both website and users.
  • The scrolling speed can be modified.
  • No coding knowledge.
  • Responsive admin layout.
  • Supports thumbnail image.

The Vertical News Scroller can be downloaded from the official WordPress website or directly from the WordPress Dashboard itself. 


7. News Announcement Scroll

News Announcement Scroll plugin creates a news widget for your WordPress news-based website. Every website needs a widget to display important announcements to its visitors. 

It also lets you customize news expiration date, vertical scrolling, number of news, and more. You can also share offer updates, sale announcements, latest happenings, etc. where your visitors can find it easily.

You don’t need any coding knowledge to use and customize the News Announcement Scroll plugin. Once the plugin is installed, you can add it to your news website with its widget.

Features of the News Announcement Scroll plugin are:

  • Easy installation.
  • News items can be customized easily.
  • Can display news via widget or shortcode.
  • Responsive admin layout.
  • No programming knowledge is required.

The News Announcement Scroll plugin can be downloaded from the official WordPress website or the WordPress Dashboard.


8. Financial News Headlines

Financial News Headlines provides a plugin with clean code and is easy installation. It is a WordPress news plugin that’s very simple to set up. It takes the latest headlines from different companies and puts them on your website. 

It is a very popular WordPress plugin because it is well supported by sources like Seeking Alpha, Yahoo Finance, and Financial Content. Also, it comes with 6 templates to design your site and can be used with unlimited news widgets.

Features of the Financial News Headlines plugin are:

  • It supports all major markets. For example, the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Europe.
  • You can have an unlimited number of news widgets on any page.

This plugin is compatible with most browsers and the latest version of WordPress. However, it is only available in English. So, if you have a multilingual website, you may need to look for other solutions.


9. Live News

The plugin gives you enough features to add an appealing news ticker to your WordPress website. This plugin is the most flexible and customizable solution available for adding a news feed to your site.

Live News has font size controls, custom fonts, and options to select which pages the ticker should be displayed on. Once the ticker is enabled the news articles will scroll automatically across the header or footer of your site and you can set the speed of the scroll as well.

Key features of the Live News Ticker plugin are:

  • Compatible with RTL and LTR.
  • Compatible with most browsers.
  • Compatible with the WordPress Multisite.
  • Compatible with Google Fonts.


10. WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator has 60,000+ active installations and it is compatible with most WordPress themes. The WP RSS Aggregator is a great plugin to import and display RSS and Atom Feeds on your website.

This plugin comes in both free and premium versions. The premium versions include extra features for your WordPress news website. 

Features of the WP RSS Aggregator plugin are:

  • No limit on the number of sources to import posts to WordPress.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Can embed YouTube and Instagram.
  • The ability to create custom RSS.
  • Shortcode & block supported.

You can download this plugin directly from the WordPress Dashboard or the official WordPress website.


If you’re a dedicated WordPress user who would like to build a news-based site consider installing one of the best WordPress plugins for news sites that I have listed in this post and bring a high-quality browsing experience to your visitors.

All the plugins for news websites mentioned in this post offer a set of features and it is for you to decide which is the best. With the help of these plugins, you can improve the functionality of your website as well as standing out from the crowd.

Although if you’re searching for an alternative way and looking to avoid the trouble of finding the right plugins or plans for your news website, you can trust Katsu Studio to build, develop, and also design your website for a reasonable price quickly and hassle-free. 

Thank you for reading this post and please let us know what you think about the WordPress plugins for a news-based website in the comment section below! 

Dave Miller
Dave Miller

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