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Top 10 Best WordPress Table Plugins for Creating Beautiful Tables

Well-aligned columns and rows make data easy to read and understand. Sometimes you need to present your information in a more visually compelling format which is using tables. Even the readers skimming through a post will stop when they see a table and try to understand what it’s about.


Tables are a great way of presenting information in a way that’s logical and visually appealing. For demonstrating a huge amount of data, you need to have a tabular presentation in front of your audience. Readers can also scan the table for the information that’s useful to them.

Using plugins is the only option since tables aren’t built into WordPress. I’ve gathered data on the top ten free and premium options that can help you create tables with an Excel-like interface, create charts and graphs, and much more. 

In this article, you’ll see the list of the top ten best WordPress table plugins and we’ll determine which of the plugins suits your purpose properly.

For each plugin, I’ll share:

  • Description
  • Features
  • Pricing details

Let’s dive right in!

Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables is a freemium WordPress table plugin that comes with a handy set of features. The plugin is SEO-friendly and offers customization options like bordered tables, striped rows, etc. But if you want to be able to click into individual cells like in Excel, you might want to choose a different plugin.

With Ninja Tables, you have the option to include media in your tables, change the color theme, and one-click customizable table styles to create cool tables. You can expect the tables to load fast and be responsive to your visitor’s device. These are all important factors that will make your site more user-friendly


  • Loads of customization options
  • Drag and drop data sorting
  • Simple configuration
  • Fast and responsive design
  • Ability to write your own SQL queries
  • Frontend editing
  • Connects to Google Sheets and WooCommerce

Pricing details

Ninja Tables offers a free version available at WordPress.org  but the premium versions, depending on how many sites you want to use it on, comes in three pricing options:

  • Single Site License – $49.00/year
  • Agency License (Up to 20 Websites) – $99.00/year
  • Unlimited Sites and Lifetime License – $199.00/year

WP Table Manager

WP Table Manager is a premium WordPress table plugin which is introduced by JoomUnited. The best thing about WP Table Manager is its pre-built templates

The interface is clean and simply laid out making creating custom tables from scratch easy. The plugin also synchronizes automatically with Excel files and Google Sheets. 

The spreadsheet-like interface functions very well so if you are used to using Excel or Google Docs spreadsheets you will have no trouble creating tables using this plugin.


  • Editor like Excel
  • Customizable table theme style
  • Data imports from multiple sources like Excel, Google Sheets, and WordPress database
  • Excel and Google Sheets can be synchronized
  • To generate a chart, you can integrate chart.js file

Pricing details

The WP Table Manager Plugin is available for $19 for the single plugin without support or for $24 with 6 months support and $34 with a full year’s support.

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One of the best WordPress table plugins in the market is TablePress. You can easily create beautiful tables and insert them in posts and pages without using any coding. This makes it perfect for beginners and WordPress experts alike.

The plugin includes an easy to use interface built much like a standard spreadsheet, as well as a simple short code that can be used to insert your tables anywhere. Posts, pages, widgets – anywhere you can paste it.

You can import and export data in Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON formats or set up your table in a spreadsheet format in your WordPress dashboard. This free plugin’s simple, reasonable approach to creating good-looking tables for your site is worth trying for yourself. 


Edit table data in a spreadsheet-like interface.

  • Multiple import options for Excel, CSV, HTML, JSON, and also Google Sheets.
  • Option to add front-end sorting, filtering, and pagination.
  • You can improve your free table plugin by installing add-ons, some of which are paid.
  • Convert formulas and other forms of spreadsheet data into tables.

Pricing details

TablePress plugin is available for free at WordPress.org, and you can download all of the extensions for free from the developer’s site. However, the developer does specifically mark some extensions as premium with a recommended donation amount.


One of the notable freemium WordPress table plugins is wpDataTables. It’s a powerful plugin with the ability to collect and display data as tables, charts and graphs. It also supports large data sets, offers easy front or back end editing of tables or charts, and more.

A beginners’ step-by-step guide is available for new users, making it easier to get started with this plugin. If you have an existing spreadsheet in Google Sheets, Excel, CSV, JSON, XML, or even MySQL, you can upload, connect, or build it into your WordPress site.

The paid version allows you to upload large tables with millions of entries. If you’re presenting a large amount of data you can create advanced filters for each column to make it easier for visitors to search for and find the data they need. 


  • Create charts using the information on your table to visualize your data.
  • Sortable and interactive tables can be created.

  • Edit tables in an Excel-like interface right in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Create advanced filters for each column.
  • Tables can read data from CSV, JSON, XML, and Excel.
  • You can use conditional formatting in CSS.
  • Highlight cells, rows, and columns to draw attention to crucial data.
  • Enble visitors to edit tables.Responsive tables that look wonderful on mobile devices.

Pricing Details

If you purchase wpDataTables from CodeCanyon, you’ll pay $299. On the other hand, if you purchase it straight from the developer’s website, you’ll only pay $59. With that price, you get one year of support and updates for a single site. There are also two other licenses for:

  • 3 sites – $109
  • Unlimited sites – $249

There’s also a free version listed at WordPress.org, though it’s pretty limited and I think there are better free table plugins.

Css3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables

If you want to create outstanding tables for your business packages, CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables has you covered.The plugin comes with 2 table styles.

It comes with a lot of additional options that let you choose from different color versions, ribbons, hover styles, and sliding features to accomplish the look you want for your pricing table. The tables are created using CSS, making them lightweight and faster to load.


  • Create unlimited rows and columns within a single table.
  • Layout compatibility to user’s devices.
  • Export and import data to and from the plugin.
  • A wide range of customization options.

Pricing details

At $20, it is one of the most affordable premium table plugins for WordPress.


Rather than a table plugin that added charts and graphs functionality, unlike all the other plugins, Visualizer is a charts and graphs plugin that added table functionality . You can also import data from CSV files. 

With the plugin installed you can import your data, edit on page and even make your tables and charts private. Plus for tables, there are added features for pagination, search, filters, and more.

So if you want to be able to turn table data into beautiful charts and graphs that might be a reason to choose Visualizer over the alternatives. It offers a limited free version at WordPress.org, as well as a premium version with more functionality.


  • Customizable Charts & Tables. 
  • Excel-like interface for editing table data behind charts.
  • 9 chart types for free, with 6 more in the Pro version.
  • Let users create their own charts.
  • Google Sheets Integration. 

Pricing details

    Visualizer has both a free and premium version. The premium plan starts at $59.

    League Table

    Another popular WordPress table plugin available for sale at CodeCanyon is League Table. The plugin gives you an Excel-like editor where you can create responsive, sortable tables. One thing it does not do, though, is create charts and graphs.

    League Table allows you to create sortable tables and comes with 135 customizable options to ensure that you have full control over the design of your tables.It lets you change colors, typography, the size of various elements, and lets you add images and links.

    Data can be easily imported and exported. If you want to start your table from the beginning, however, the plugin comes with an implanted spreadsheet editor. The interface is simple and useful as you can set up the number of columns and rows, key in the table heading, then you can type away into the cells. 


    • Excel-like editor for editing table data.
    • Customize the color and fonts of your tables.
    • Edit cell properties to add images, color, custom HTML, etc. 
    • Supports mathematical formulas.
    • Paste the data from your favorite spreadsheet app (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, 


    • Responsive setting depending on the different devices.

    Pricing details

    This plugin is available at just 29$ which is perfect for presenting statistics.

    Data Tables Generator

    Data Tables Generator is another popular freemium WordPress table plugin and also a versatile table solution that offers a lot of options including letting you make changes to your table and table design, and also see how modifications look on any device.

    Multiple responsive modes are available for tables, and you have full control over your table color scheme and how your tables are structured. Plus CSS styling is available too.

    You can enter table data in the editor page, and a visual editor allows you to format text and insert links and images. If you upgrade to Data Tables Generator Pro additional options are available in the editor, such as diagrams, conditional logic, and more.


    • Excel-like editor interface.
    • Create charts and diagrams from table data.
    • Searching, sorting, and pagination options.
    • Multiple import options, including direct database imports.
    • Automatic sync with Google Sheets. 
    • Responsive tables, including options to control which columns collapse on mobile.

    Pricing details

      The free version of Data Tables Generator is available at WordPress.org. Other than that, there are three plans for the premium plugin:

      • 1 site – $46
      • 5 sites – $69
      • Unlimited sites – $149

      Posts Table Pro

        Posts Table Pro provides you a twisting experience as a whole. Using this plugin, you don’t need to enter data into the post manually. Instead of doing so, it generates the tables simply based on existing WordPress posts, pages or custom post types.

        This table plugin gives you plenty of flexibility while you want to display data as a post or custom post type. Visitors can decide how many rows to be displayed in a page and they also filter the post by tag or category. 


        • Tables created by the plugin are searchable, sortable and filterable.
        • Table columns can be customized including all the standard WordPress data.
        • The plugin has its responsive appearance.
        • Displays any kind of post, pages and custom post
        • The plugin allows its users to add multimedia.

        Pricing details

        Posts Table Pro has both free and premium versions. The premium version starts at $89 for a single site.

        Easy Pricing Tables

        Easy Pricing Tables is an easy-to-use WordPress pricing table plugin aimed at increasing your sales numbers. The importance of design on a pricing page cannot be underestimated when considering how it impacts conversions.

        This plugin is one of the most popular WordPress pricing table plugins around and enables you to add pricing tables to your site  easily. It is fully responsive and comes with email support. With this plugin you will be able to set up and publish your pricing table in no time.


        • Works with any WordPress theme.
        • Responsive WordPress pricing tables.
        • Create unlimited pricing table rows.
        • Custom CSS – Add custom CSS to your pricing table.
        • Add-ons are available for extra performance.

          Pricing details

          The plugin comes in three pricing options:

          • Personal – $29 for 1 website
          • Business – $59 for up to 5 websites
          • Agency – $99 for an unlimited number of websites

            To Conclude

            All of the plugins mentioned above have their own specific features that offer custom services, and have their own range of prices. Now that you’ve become familiar with the best WordPress table plugins it’s up to you to decide which one of them is the most appropriate for you to choose from. 

            It is worth mentioning that if you don’t want to go through the trouble of finding the right WordPress table plugin, you could trust Katsu Studio to build your website, create and design any type of table you desire in no time and hassle-free. 

            Thank you for reading this article, and please let us know what you think about WordPress table plugins in the comment section below!

            Dave Miller
            Dave Miller

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