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Branding Strategies on Social Networks: How to Sell More?

According to the Global Web Index, the average user has 5 or more social media accounts and is actively using 3 of them. The total number of social network users is about 3,2 billion. This indicator is growing steadily.

This means that businesses cannot ignore such media sites, and branding on social networks is almost an obligatory condition for a successful business. Where does branding begin? It begins with a strategy.

Let’s talk about it in this article.


Why is social branding important to increase sales?

Successful brands have become a part of their customers’ lives. They would never have been able to achieve this without valid branding strategies on social networks.

It is true that other factors like employees performance, marketing budget, employees morale and etc. play an important role in the success of a business

Proper branding of the social network and purposeful account management within the overall brand strategy will help:

  1. Achieve clear goals. The success of a business depends on understanding where the company is headed and what it needs to achieve tomorrow, in a month, in a year. Goals for social networks can be: expanding reach, improving business metrics, increasing site conversions, etc. They can be measured and evaluated in terms of efficiency.
  2. Differ from other companies. There are competitors in any niche. Personal branding on social networks helps create unique recognizable differences: from profile picture to content writing style. This makes it impossible for your company to be confused with others.
  3. Implement a marketing strategy. If you already have brand identity and values, you need to find ways to show them to your audience. Social media strategy is one of the best ways to do this. Branded accounts can attract potential customers and influence the growth of trust in the company.
  4. Communicate effectively with the audience. This is the case where personal branding on social networks should be linked to quality service. If company representatives not only post publications but also deal with risks and negative comments, answer questions, communicate in personal messages – the strategy will work.
Branding Strategies on Social Networks: How to Sell More? 2
Always try to communicate effectively with your audience.
  1. Attract new customers. These are people who share the same values. If you develop the company correctly, people will be interested in staying with it, becoming part of it.


What mistakes should be avoided when branding social networks

Mistakes are inevitable – beginners and well-known brands allow them. Let’s talk about the most common ones.

The first and main mistake is to work without strategy and understanding of the features of your business. When you do not have a clear plan, you do not know what it is aiming for.

If you have “copied” your competitors’ strategy, there is no guarantee that it will work on your terms.

Conclusion: Plan each step in advance, focusing on your company, product, and audience.

The incomplete business description is another mistake. New visitors of your social media pages should not be left behind:

they need to have a clear understanding of who you are and what your brand is doing.

Conclusion: When branding, keep in mind that the identity and page description demonstrate your strengths and direction.

Poor content is a mistake that “kills” any good branding strategies on social networks. Page posts are associated with your brand.

Stolen memes, old jokes, banal posts, scandalous publications – all of these indicate that you are not serious about work.

branding strategies on social networks
You need real, authentic and also brand new information and content to be able to succeed in your business

Conclusion: Publish unique content based on the interests of your audience. Add informative and entertaining posts to PR and promotional ones.

Share the facts behind the scenes and other interesting information.

It is a serious mistake to ignore comments, questions and criticism. We have already discussed this above. One missed negative comment can spoil the strategy and even destroy the brand’s reputation.

Conclusion: Work with all audience reactions. Show that you are interested in solving problems.


How to create a strong strategy

When you understand what branding is and why you need social media branding, you need to start creating a strategy. We list the most important steps in this process.

Target audience analysis

If your company has just appeared in the market, you need to determine who your customers are and why they need your product.

At this point, analyze your direct competitors and determine how your customers interact with them on social media.

If you already have a formed audience, analyze it and divide it into segments, depending on the model of behaviour and motives. This will help identify the most promising segments for you.

Choosing a social network

Each site has its own peculiarities. First and foremost, it’s about the audience and the type of content:

  • Facebook is the largest social network in the world. It includes different segments of the audience. Suitable content is: text posts, pictures, infographics, videos. Facebook is a universal solution for all areas of business;
  • Instagram has the second largest social media audience. The average age of the audience is up to 35 years. Preferred content is pictures, images and short videos. It is suitable for business with a bright visual product;
  • Linkedin covers professionals and independent experts working in different industries. Recommended content is PR publications, cases, useful recommendations, and scientific articles. It is suitable for business focused on this professional area.

When working in social networks, you shouldn’t forget about your site. It also plays an important role in promoting your business.

If you don’t have a website yet, you can create it right now using the Katsu Studio Web Design services.

Katsu Studio in a web design company that offers a wide range of features, from building websites from A to Z to Speed optimization, website maintenance, SEO services and etc.

The team at Katsu Studio is a very professional team of designers, developers, SEO experts and et. that will help you grow your business by creating an awesome website for you in the shortest time.

Also, if you need a WordPress theme or plugin customized the Katsu Studio is the best choice.

Determining business value

You need to understand what the company offers, what are the unique benefits, and what kind of target audience will be interested in it. Value is all that helps a business:

  • increase and maintain profitability;
  • reduce costs;
  • improve service;
  • fulfill the tasks;
  • implement a marketing strategy.

Consider how a social media promotion strategy will add value. Create equivalent goals. 

Creating corporate identity and visual branding

Most people recognize brands by logos, slogans and words. Guess the brand by colour. We’re sure that you will manage to do it:

branding strategies on social networks
If the logo of PEPSI does not even have the name on it, you’ll still recognize it, right?

See how important that is? Corporate identity is what people will know about your company.

You need your own logo, slogan, and corporate colour. This is the minimum required. If you intend to take a serious market position, you will need to consult a specialist for a brand book. 

If you need a logo and brand identity “here and now”, you can try to use the Logaster service. It generates unique logos in a few clicks and allows you to download it in any convenient format.

In addition to the logo, you can create a business card, letterhead, favicon, images for social networks, and other designs. 

Posting frequency and content sequence

Publishing less than one post per day improves engagement (related to each post), but the overall engagement rate decreases according to a study conducted by the Facebook social network.

The best indicator is from 1 to 5 posts a day. It is important that the content is consistently high quality and relevant to the audience.

Social network ranking algorithms now allow showing only potentially valuable publications for users in the feed.

Promoting and winning audiences

Knowing how to brand social media and what content to create is enough for you to consistently develop business profiles, respond to comments and criticism, and track trends.

As you progress, you will need to use social media advertising tools to increase your reach and focus. Make giveaways and promotions and try to find a common language with the audience.

It is important for you to build a trusting and positive relationship.



It is difficult to create a brand. However, it is very simple to destroy it. To succeed, you need a strong strategy and clear goals. Follow the guidelines in this article, implement your own strategy, and you will be able to gain the trust of the target audience.

In the end here is a video on how to stand out on Social Media by Neil Patel. Watch it if you don’t have time to read all of this article. 🙂

Dmytro Leiba
Dmytro Leiba

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