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How To Design Stunning Landing Page Websites To Enhance Conversions

Introduction to Writing a Great Landing Page

Designing a landing page website is a critical portion of your sales funnel advancement as the people who like your blog or click on your PPC ad land on them after getting convinced that your product/service is worth their consideration.

Being the final stage, destination pages are the make it or break it components of your inbound strategy.

In this article, I am going to show you how you can create landing pages that serve the purpose of your audience and help you compete constructively with your contemporary businesses with the help of time-tested methods. 


Compelling Headline 

Headlines and subheadlines are the most important parts of your landing page copy. Not everybody will read your entire copy word by word, and thus, you need to write compelling headlines that deliver a strong and clear message.

Try to demonstrate the benefits of your products/services and divide the entire landing page into small understandable sections with separate headlines. 


Captivating Visuals 

Do you know the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than texts?  Use stock images and don’t hesitate to edit them for matching the user intent and copy at large.

Visuals should revolve around your product and consumers to make them relatable. Along with them, make use of infographics and other educational visual content to enrich the reader’s experience.

You can also experiment with GIFs and CSS animations but always link videos to third-party platforms to facilitate quick loading.   

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Write An Engaging Copy

Before starting with your copy, you should keep in mind the traffic source. The users who land on your destination page are convinced by your inbound efforts like blog/social media ads or they are desperately looking for a solution and click on your PPC ad.

Develop your copy based on extending that user experience. Make use of power words and pivot your copy around the reader. Remember, “you” is the most important word for sales copywriting.

Always keep your copy hierarchical and optimize it for the buyer persona. Landing page copywriting is all about catching the nerves of your readers and trying to keep it as crisp as possible. 


Mobile-Friendly Landing Page 

In 2020, everyone is migrating their web design philosophy towards mobile-first and landing pages are no exception to this trend. This requires you to ensure that the landing page is lightweight.

You need to keep the loading time under three seconds. Also, it is advisable to use a single column design structure for keeping all the landing page elements accessible to the readers regardless of the device they are using.

According to the study of Statista, mobile devices accounted for 48% of web page views all over the internet. Missing on mobile optimization will automatically dent your conversion rates.


Call-to-Action (CTA)

Your CTA is as important as the headlines and ensures that they are good enough to deliver value even when standalone. Call-to-action buttons should be persuasive and powerful commands that resonate with buyer intention.

They should express the end value generated by using your product and also instil a sense of urgency. Power words are a great choice but you should also focus on the design aspect.

Keep them accessible and design them to stand out from the rest of the copy. Using the button type layout is a must since it gets better reception due to the familiarity. 


Mention Reviews Of Satisfied Customers 

Testimonials are exceptionally great at triggering conversions. It is recommended to show the relevant reviews of your satisfied customers for the product so it reassures your buyers regarding the authenticity of your solution.

You can also include reviews shared on social media to demonstrate customer satisfaction. This impacts decision making in a huge way as people are trusting word-of-mouth more than ever before.

A review is no less than a recommendation, and people consider it too. Social media proof drives the buying decision of customers and especially millennials. It is concluded in a study that 83% of people trust reviews more than advertising.

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A/B Split Testing  

A/B Split testing and even A/X testing are essential to evaluate whether your website design actually works for you or not.

Even subtle changes like color of the call-to-action button can make significant impacts on the conversion rates. There is no one universal design solution and you will need to figure out what combination works the best for your brand.

Apart from testing the landing pages for conversion rates, you should also focus on heat maps, session recording, and scroll maps to get a bigger view of the picture.


Ending Note

Focus on every element individually and try to keep them meaningful, relevant, as well as optimized for enriching reader journeys.

You should keep the copy more assertive for landing pages, and following the tips mentioned above will surely help you to create stunning landing page websites.

Dave Miller
Dave Miller

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