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In order to have full access to all of our current vector illustration packages and also have instant access to all our upcoming illustration packages and graphic designs along with their updates, get our full access subscription right now. Instead of paying triple the price, only pay $34.50 and you are good to go.

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You will get full access to all our Illustration packages for only $52.00 for a whole quarter. These packages will also be updated and you will still access the updated content as well.

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If Katsu Studio releases any new Illustration arts, you will have full access to those as long as you are still in the quarter you paid for.

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If you request for a WordPress development or web design service during your subscription, your request will be in high priority and Katsu Studio will get to your order first.

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Packs in Full Access

This bundle includes 45 vector illustrations. It Covers 3 different topics from Web Design and App Design to eCommerce and more. Also, it includes 15 free illustrations designed on various topics. The characters in these illustrations are involved in different activities and so you can come up with any customized design you need. The illustrations are delivered in 3 types of formats: PNG, SVG, Ai, XD (also convertible to any other formats, and works with Figma, XD, Photoshop, and Sketch)

15 colorful Illustrations which are easy to customize and are involved in different activities, especially eCommerce related. Characters are involved in shopping, delivering products, choosing products etc.

This package also includes 15 illustrations, having big hands and heads as one of the characteristics of the characters in these illustrations. Characters are involved in activities regarding web design, SEO, Digital Marketing and also app design. If you’re looking for exaggerated characters in tech business you surely need this package.

This last package again includes 15 illustrations which are involved in diverse activities. From a doctor’s office to social media, so diverse! The illustrations’ coloring and design are minimalist and clean and have got monotonous colors with outlines, for the most part!

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EcommerceIllustration15$34.00Learn More
Website & App DesignIllustration15$28.00Learn More
Free StyleIllustration15$0.00Learn More
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