Refund Policy

We highly appreciate you choosing Katsu Studio Graphic Design products. If you want to request a refund, you can simply go to Katsustudio and click the member icon at the top right corner of our website and enter your username/password to log in.

Then simply check your license and send it over to us using our online chat platform. You can send your refund request both from our Ticketing System or Online Chat Widget. Please remember to send us the license key or purchase receipt.

However, please note that since our products are not physical and they are digital ones, we usually cannot agree to any refund requests. Nevertheless, we are surely responsible for the quality of our products and the promises we make. In any case, you can request a refund and we will check your refund request and the reasons for it. Please note that the time for request a refund is only 14 days, and if the time is passed, no requests would be accepted under any circumstances.

Please note that refund does NOT apply to the Full Access plan under any circumstances, and if you are not satisfied with our products, having the Full Access plan, you can simply stop your subscription at Katsu Studio Inc. at any time.

The refund if agreed, will be effective in a few moments and the amount will return to your bank account within a few days depending on your account and also the business days. (Might not take more than 3 business days)

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