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8 Quick and Easy WordPress Tips to Improve Keyword Ranking on Google

When it comes down to search engines showing your website on their first page, they don`t care about your visual effects and features, what actually matters is the keywords and content on your website. I don’t want to jump right into conclusions and strategies regarding SEO since we want to set you up for success.


Let’s start with explaining why WordPress has become so popular nowadays. Maybe you have read that WordPress is a SEO-friendly platform, but is it enough to rely on WordPress to get you on the first page of a search engine?


Well you need to know and understand a set of tactics and strategies about SEO and learn how search engine optimization actually works. WordPress makes it easy to use these tactics and tricks and much simpler for starters to gain more traffic on their websites thats why it’s popular now.


What is SEO and how to optimize a WordPress website?

An SEO-friendly website has a higher chance to pop up on the first page of a search engine like google and direct a higher amount of traffic to your website.  Therefore, every business on the Internet wants to have a better chance to appear on the search engines SERP`s. 


There are many useful SEO plugins on WordPress that handle common things, but you should not overdo SEO and try keeping it simple and innovative. You need to realize that  where WordPress saves your time and does most of the job for you, it really isn’t a substitution for SEO. 


Understand that you must put effort to rank your website and gain more traffic. Since google’s algorithm is constantly changing, these strategies and tips require a bit more persistence, dedication and also creativity.  


In this article, you will read strategies and tips to improve keyword ranking on a giant search engine like google and also your website ranking. If these techniques are implemented properly, they can make a huge difference on how your website ranks on google.


1.  What are Permalinks?

Permalinks are the URL`s of your website and posts. They are what users use in their address bars to reach your website and relevant pages. They can also be used by search engines and other websites to link to your website.


WordPress comes with default permalink settings but also gives you few options on how your URL`s are displayed. You must make sure that you are using the most SEO-friendly one. Go to settings->permalinks and choose the Post name button. 


Since it is easier for users to remember your permalinks with post names, you should use post names as your permalink setting. This makes URL`s based on your blog posts and page titles. For example: https://domain.com/post-name/

Find a Great Article on the Ways to Improve Your SEO Fast

Before everything else, to optimize SEO, I need to hand in what I promised, so if you scroll down this post you can watch 2 videos with fast tips and tricks to improve your site ranking on Google.

2. Submit your XML Sitemap on Google Search Console 

You must verify your website with GSC in order to get your web pages indexed by Google. XML Sitemaps are text lists for your website’s pages, tags, posts, and etc. If you haven`t previously done this, creating a Google XML sitemap should be one of your priorities and it is very easy. 


This format makes it easier for Google to track all your website pages and information. One of the plugins for SEO optimization is Yoast that creates your XML Sitemap automatically. If you don’t want to use Yoast, you can also try the classic plugin Google XML Sitemaps.


3. Track and measure Organic Traffic

Knowing how visitors are finding your site using Google is one of the important SEO metrics you must pay attention to. Nowadays organic traffic is led by social media, email, and ads but in the past organic search was bringing most visitors to websites. 


To find out how many visitors reach your site, log in to your Google Analytics account and check out the acquisition channels report. Google Analytics is a powerful analytic tool that is free 

To use. 

4. How to improve keyword ranking on Google Analytics

One of the most popular analytics softwares in the market is Google Analytics. It is a free analytics web service that analyzes specific datas about incoming traffic to your website. Using this tool can set you up for success in your business.


Google Analytics helps you track and understand your customers behaviours, source of your traffic, uncover your top content, and learn what people are searching on your website. This tool also helps you find out where your best visitors are located.

You can use GSC that is directly linked to your site and gives you keywords. For checking keywords positions on Google Search Console go to Search Traffic>Search Analytics, then only tick on the Clicks and Positions and you can export the data for instance on google sheet. This is the raw data of your analysis.


You can also use the less popular form of a keyword and avoid commercial keywords. Also, publishing relevant content and updating it regularly can help improve keyword ranking. Try using long tail keywords and keyword modifiers.

5. Keyword Research

At the start of any SEO project you should do your keyword research. Without it, you`re not going to know which keywords should be optimized on your website. Remember to plan your site content and on-page optimization by using keyword research tools.


An essential aspect of marketing strategy is doing your search on keywords. Without it you won’t find much success in increasing your traffic income. It should be noted that long tail keywords are much more successful than short keywords. 


Free keyword tools you can easily access are Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends that you can use to find out which of the keywords on your website are bringing the most traffic to your site. Other tools that are not free but offer limited features are listed below. 


Moz is a great keyword research tool but it is only limited to 10 words a month. Moze`s keyword tool gives you some details about keyword difficulty, volume, and etc., this data is not as accurate as data displayed on Ahrefs or Keyword Finder or Google tools themselves.


Next is Ahrefs that requires subscription and offers paid trial for 7 days. One of the best tools for researching keywords is Keyword Finder that offers a 14 days trial.  SEMrush displays some of the words you’re researching but it is limited for showing ten out of four thousand words or more but the features offered on it are limited. 


-Google Keyword Planner (Free)

-Google Trends  (Free)

-Google SERP (Free)

-Ahrefs (Trial)

-Moz (Trial)

-Keyword Finder (Trial) 

-SEMrush (Trial)

Find a Great Article on Improving Keyword Rankings on Google

To get more visibility, impressions and to boost SEO ranking in the new online environment, websites should be shipped with the newest technologies, not just on the outside.

6. How to track google rankings

Use a webmaster tool and log into your account. Clink on the “More” link under Top Search Queries in your Dashboard. A list of your top keywords will be displayed for you. Click on a specific keyword you want to view the ranking data and you can also modify the results with changing the data range.


Using Ubersuggest can let you know your website’s keyword rank. If you are targeting a particular keyword, use this tool to assess your rank. After you logged in, type your domain then a list, and an overview of your SEO keywords ranking will be displayed for you.

7. What themes are so friendly?

WordPress offers thousands of free themes straight from the beginning and many premium themes. You should use a SEO friendly theme and in order to do so you can even get help from a search engine optimization consultant.


Some of these so-called SEO friendly themes come with many scripts and plugins that you will not use, and they will slow down your site’s performance. Before installing a theme, run a demo through Google`s web.dev tool to find out potential performance and SEO difficulties.


Keep in mind that choosing a beautiful looking theme isn’t as important as choosing a theme that is optimized for search engines. 

8. Internal link building

The links that go from one page on a domain to a different page on the same domain are called internal links. Main navigation is carried out by these links. They connect your content and give Google an idea about the structure of our website.


These links are helpful because they can create a hierarchy on your website, allowing you to prioritize the most important posts and pages more link value than less valuable pages. Utilizing the right internal link building strategy can help boost SEO.


As an SEO expert, I believe before getting on with keyword research tools you should choose a SEO friendly theme to and then try finding out which of the keywords on your website’s content is most appropriate by using keywords tools.


There are also plugins that can be used on your theme, such as Yoast, that provide you with benefits which are too good to be ignored. For example they create your Sitemap for you hassle free and without you writing a single code. 

On the subject of keyword research tools it should be noted that Ahrefs gives you the most accurate keywords and data analysis and it can be a great start for your website`s long-term success. But it is up to you to choose which of these tips and strategies to improve keyword ranking is best for your needs!

Dave Miller
Dave Miller

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