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Ways Your Business Can Harness Technology to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Introduction to Technology and Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Thirty years ago, all you needed to keep your customers happy was to provide a quality service at a fair price. Today, consumers have so many choices that that’s not enough.

While you still have to maintain both of these, you must also be available, communicative, competitive, and current.

Here are a few ways you can use technology to meet your customer needs.


Maintain a current website

Your online presence starts with a solid website. Forbes explains that it enhances your credibility and strengthens your brand.

Most importantly, your website leads to sales. Katsu Studios can help you set up a WordPress website that’s optimized for the way your customers search.

With affordable rates and a free consultation, you’ll find that outsourcing your website design and development is more cost-effective — and effective — than trying to handle this specialized process on your own.


Sell online

Another item that can affect your customer satisfaction and can increase customer satisfaction is to sell online.

Speaking of your website, you can also utilize your online real estate to sell products and services.

And if you’re trying to do away with a traditional, costly, brick-and-mortar business front, finding a professional or freelancer that offers ecommerce services will help you avoid common mistakes, such as not integrating your website with your inventory software.

Before you bring in a contractor, check out their reviews, cost, and average delivery time through whatever online job platform they’re advertising through.

Something else to consider here is ensuring that your independent contractor signs an agreement that helps you avoid creating an employment situation — which, in certain states and Canada, means that you must have just cause to sever the relationship.

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Before everything else, to optimize SEO, I need to hand in what I promised, so if you scroll down this post you can watch 2 videos with fast tips and tricks to improve your site ranking on Google.


Update your social media and directory listings

By updating your social media on a basis, you can simply increase customer satisfaction.

Even with a website, you’ll want to claim and regularly update your social media and online directory listings. Fortunately, the vast majority, including Google My Business, is free to you.

WordPress Plugins to Offer Coupon Codes

Your Google listing is especially valuable since it’s already the search engine the majority of your customers are using.

Through the listing, you can provide a direct link to your website, one-click calling in navigation, and things like photos, menus, and special events.

Email offers based on past purchases

One of the quickest ways to bring in repeat business is to know what your customers are buying and then send them special offers catered to their preferences.

Digital coupons, according to Constant Contact, are typically redeemed within a week and are a great way to extend a pleasant reminder that you’re in business to those who have not patronized you for some time.

If you are already using CRM software, you have everything you need to customize discounts and marketing materials to your best customers.

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When it comes to speeding up your WordPress website, there are multiple options to consider. Serve slow pages to your audience or use a WordPress caching plugin to avoid the possibility of losing revenue...


Respond to public queries.

Reviews are the word-of-mouth of today. Instead of us simply asking friends and family for recommendations, we almost universally turn to the internet.

Studies show that 94% of shoppers will avoid a particular business based on bad reviews. Further, more than half expect a response, and the majority of these are more likely to give your business a chance if they see that you are engaged.

Landing Page - increase customer satisfaction

Respond often and always positively to even scathing reviews. Acknowledge your customers’ frustration and publicly invite them to privately settle the matter.

Technology is what brings us together, and it’s what brings customers to your door, whether that’s a storefront or in a digital environment.

Don’t be afraid to utilize the above products and services to provide a better customer experience for those that keep your doors open.

From working with Katsu Studio Designs to launch a custom website to staying positive in the face of criticism, all of your online activity matters.

Make it count, and your customers will learn they can count on you. Reach out to Katsu Studio Designs today to start.


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