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10 Best Ways to Speed Up WordPress Performance 2021

As you know these days, a lot of people around the world are using WordPress CMS for their websites. One of the most important factors in having a great website in terms of SEO and that website can be seen on Google is the website speed or website performance.

In this article, we’ll be trying to give a full list of all the methods that can improve the speed and performance of your WordPress website.

Why Should I Speed Up My WordPress Website Speed?

Why should you speed up WordPress?

Here are the key takeaways of this article and also the main reasons why it’s important to speed up WordPress website:

  1. As we said at the beginning of this article, Google ranks high-speed websites or high-performance website at the top of the SERP. So it affects the ranking position on Google and that’s the best reason for you to care about your WordPress website performance.
  2. It is said that on E-commerce stores or online shops it is one of the most important factors. because most of the buyers are really impatient and they will not wait for your website to load after a year 🙂
  3. It is also said that websites with more than 2 to 3 seconds to load are mostly exposed to visitors or users to bounce off. Users cannot and do not wait for your website to load if it loads In 6 seconds.
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If you want to have a website with a great chunk of visitors and fans, of course, you should most certainly take care of the design of your website as well; A website with a mediocre design or even a good design is not enough, you need a spectacular web design for your website.

How to Test the Loading Time of My Website?

To test the speed of your website, you need to use some tools first and you need to know that the speed of some pages is different from the others, however, the homepage is always our yardstick for that. The factors affecting the speed and performance of the load time are:

  • The sheer size of the page or sometimes called DOM
  • If it is using cache
  • The number of requests the page makes
  • If the page is hosting dynamic or static content

Now, let’s see what tools we use to check the speed of a website. THe following are the tools to check the speed and performance of a website. Bear in mind that the homepage is the yardstick for us:

  1. WebPageTest.org
  2. Tools.Pingdom.com
  3. GTmetrix
  4. PageSpeed Insights

Alright, now let’s talk about the best ways to speed up a WordPress website. There are a thousand ways to speed up a website but these are the most common and the easiest of all them.

  1. Choose the Right Web Hosting
  2. Reduce Image Size
  3. Use the Right WordPress Theme
  4. Use a Caching Plugin
  5. Minify CSS and JS codes

Choose the Right Web Hosting

Some of the users use shared hosting for their website because they give them unlimited bandwidth, space, emails and domains and a  lot more at a reasonable price. However, as we all know a good web hosting can skyrocket the speed of your WordPress website.

As this is true, just have this in mind that shared hosting ar every slow especially at the time of the peak of traffic. So, shared hosting might not be a good choice if you are looking for a high-speed website.

Therefore, most of these shared hosting usually cannot offer the minimum requirements for a high-performance website.

So, you do not know:

  1.  How well the servers are optimized
  2. How many users are suing the shared hosting
  3. How much server space is left to use
  4. Perhaps, you will see a lot of downing on your website in high-peak traffic hours

Nowadays, the best choice might be cloud hosting which has now become much cheaper than before. There are a lot of famous companies in the world that can offer you great dedicated cloud servers for your website.

Some of these web hosting solutions are:

  1. Routerhosting
  2. SiteGround
  3. BlueHost
  4. DigitalOcean
  5. CloudWays

Reduce Image Size

When a page is loading, one of the most bothering elements is the images. If the images have a size of more than 80-100kb then the speed of the page decreases.

Now, if you want to increase the loading speed of your WordPress website, then for sure reducing the image size is one of the easiest things you want to do.

This also boosts your technical SEO and on-page SEO as well. So you are killing two birds with one stone.

However, the trick here is to reduce the size of the images, but not the quality of them, which can be a bit challenging for some people. You surely need to use an application like Photoshop, however, if you don’t know how to use it then let me explain.

It’s super easy:

  1. Open your image using Photoshop
  2. Use the shortcode keys of CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+S
  3. Then in the new window click the size of the image and decrease it to your desired number
  4. Now save the image wherever you like
  5. Make sure to change the format of the image from PNG to JPEG

You can then recompress the image online. Just Google “compress images online” and click the first link and you are good to go.

In any case, manually resizing images takes a lot of time and also effort and also expertise in some cases. To save some time you can simply use WordPress image resizing plugins.

Here we are going to give you a very shortlist of the best WordPress image optimization plugins:

These plugins will optimize the images on your website in a bulk and they will drastically increase the loading sped of a webpage on your website and so they will generally increase the performance of your WordPress website.

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To optimize SEO, I need to hand in what I promised as my article’s title, so if you scroll down this post you can watch 2 videos with fast tips and tricks to improve your site ranking on Google.

Use the Right WordPress Theme

Choosing a WordPress theme is not an easy thing to do. As you know, there are millions and millions of WordPress themes out there and all of them are saying that we are the best.

However, that’s not even close to the truth. When it comes to choosing a WordPress theme, there are some considerations you need to be informed of. These are:

  1. Number of features the theme offers in its Free and Pro versions
  2. The speed and performance of the theme (lightweight themes are always better in terms of coding)
  3. number of demos offered
  4. The design of the theme if it is modern or obsolete

WordPress themes can be very heavy if not coded well. They have a lot of elements like sliders, widgets, elements and a lot more that can decrease the load speed of the website in general.

You can find a lot of themes on Envato, or other websites that offer WordPress themes.

Using Caching Plugins

For sure, you have heard of WordPress caching plugins like WordPress caching plugins (e.g. W3 Total Cache). These caching plugins add some rules and make some changes t the ways scripts and codes are loaded.

They do this so that the load speed of the WordPress website is optimized. In some cases, if the plugin is not configured correctly can damage your website.

But optimizing these plugins is like a piece of cake.

Just tell your developer to install a caching plugin like Nitropack, Jetpack, Wprocket or SwiftCache, or any other plugin like that and configure them.

You will fly with your website 😊

Minify CSS and JS codes

Minifying Js or CSS codes or stopping some scripts to run before they have been called upon can be done using caching plugins we just discussed above.

But in this section, we want to say what’s the importance of minifying them, because a lot of people do not know how important this is.

If you try to use GTmetrix or Google PageSpeed Insight they will give you some information about not minifying your codes.

What does minifying CSS and JS codes mean?

It means to decrease the number of requests from these types of codes and by that it decreases the file size read on the page.

This way, the speed of the page to load on your WordPress website increases

If you cannot minify them yourself you can simply use a WordPress plugin for that.

One of the most popular WordPress plugins for minifying CSS and JS codes is Autoptimize that can help in optimizing CSS, JS and even HTML of your WordPress website.


To speed up your website and speed up WordPress performance you can easily use some simple methods stated above.

but bear in mind that doing the above helps you improve your SEO as well and makes your keywords rank up on Google faster.

So, make sure to do that above and increased the sped of your WordPress website.

Dave Miller
Dave Miller

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