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Your Green Thumb Guide to Thriving gardens on the Central Coast

central coast gardening are a paradise. Imagine a place with salty air, lots of sun, and fertile ground that practically begs to grow beautiful plants. And there’s much more. The art of gardening here is a combination of tenacity and know-how.

Let’s first talk about pests. Oh, pests! You may be feeling like you are in a B movie with the squash bugs, aphids and snails. A mixture of soapy water will help you to combat these pests. Works wonders! Neem oil is a great way to create a defense that’s virtually indestructible.

Now, don’t forget: It all comes down to the soil. You’ve probably heard that “feeding the plants to feed the soil” is a good idea. This isn’t just a bunch of hippie-dippy gibberish. Healthy dirt equals healthy plants. Compost like your life depends on it. Everything is fair game: banana peels; coffee grounds; eggshells. When you get it right, your garden will burst into life.

It’s time to solve another riddle: watering. It can seem impossible to figure out the best time to water your plants, especially with climate change. Early spring is the best time to water.