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WordPress Customization and Maintenance Services

Katsu Studio Designs, develops and launches your website and delivers. You can let us handle optimization and maintenance of your website as well. We do everything from A to Z, let us grow your business together.
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Website Design and Development Pricing Plan

Our WordPress customization pricing plans are very flexible and also affordable. Choose the one that fits your needs the best. Choose the WordPress customization services you need for your business.

Redesign & Developing A Website

We will prepare a new custom design for your website. After custom design confirmation, development begins.

  • Approved Initial Sketch
  • Redesign Homepage
  • Redesign Internal Pages
  • New Design Development
Starting at$55 / hour

Branding & App Design

Based on your niche and what you have in mind, we create a new custom design for your apps and websites.

  • Detailed Business Proposal
  • Initial Customized Design
  • Home Screen, Internal Pages
  • Delivering Final Design
Starting at$45 / hour

WordPress Custom Development

If you need customization to your themes, plugins, and website, then our developers do the coding for you.

  • React Native, PHP, jQuery, JS
  • Full Test of Customized content
  • Responsive Coding & Design
  • Third-party Plugin Compatibility
Starting at$39 / hour

Convert PSD/XD to Website

We convert your own customized designs on PSD or XD to WordPress Website using any theme you'd like.

  • PSD & XD revision for Free
  • Responsive Coding
  • Elementor, VC, KC Page Builders
  • Final Revision & Bug Fix
Starting at$29 / hour

Custom Illustration

When the design concept is confirmed, sketch, digital sketch and final design are prepared. Your imagination's alive.

  • Approved Initial Sketch
  • Approved Digital Sketch
  • Final Design of Illustration
  • Revision for Minor Changes
Starting at$79 / hour

Theme Installation And Set-up

We install your theme and set it up for you. The best WordPress plugins are installed and actived on your website.


Speed Optimization

Improve the speed of your website on different platforms. Google Insight 90+ and Gtmetrix A+ guaranteed.


SEO Optimization

Boost your SEO by Katsu Team. SERP Improvement, Technical SEO, Keyword Research, Backlink Building and more.


* All prices are in USD (United States Dollars)

Ready-made Package

The Price varies and depends on the type of the website and the services you need. A report is delivered pre-project.


Price (USD)$699$1499$1699$2499
Logo Design
Build & Setup WordPress Website
Mobile & Tablet Optimization
Online Chat Platform Set-up
Image Compression
Website Backups
Custom Website Design
Content Delivery Network
Free Hosting Migration
Free SSL Certificate
Customize Themes & Plugins
Lead Generation Apps
Script Optimization
Caching Optimization
On-page SEO Ideas (On-demand)
Affiliate System Setup & Management
EDD Setup & Management
Woocommerce setup and management
Content Creation and Content Marketing
Speed Optimization For Google Insight & Gtmetrix
Email Marketing & Email Automation
Webmaster Tools set-up (GA, GCS, & more)
SEO Auditing
Internal Link Building Ideas (On-demand)
Project Duration25 Days35 Days50 Days60 Days

3 months free support for all packages. For more, we have $125 monthly payment.

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WordPress Customization and Maintenance Services - Katsustudio 6
WordPress Customization and Maintenance Services - Katsustudio 7

WordPress Design, Development, Optimization and Maintenance With Katsu Studio Team

It’s a bit boring to read about someone’s expertise, so I won’t begin bragging about how good we are, let’s learn about the customization process a bit and learn how it’s done in Katsu Studio.

First we ask the customers for full details about what they need and then we will ask them for an initial design idea either on a paper or a photo or maybe a website they’ve seen before.

Here’s what we do with this information. We will hand it down to our designers, developers and marketing assistants to come up with the best solution and package for the requested website.

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WordPress Customization and Maintenance Services - Katsustudio 6
WordPress Customization and Maintenance Services - Katsustudio 10

Website Custom Design

One of the most important factors in Google ranking is traffic and as you know traffic has a direct relation with the visualization of the websites.
This is why our team is very attentive to WordPress custom design. We take into consideration all the modern trends in website design and try to apply them to our projects.
We offer all the modern website templates to our clients and also hear their ideas and try to mix these two together to come up with a harmony of brilliance, something you and we and the most sophisticated trends in the world would agree on. Let us handle your website custom design.
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WordPress Customization and Maintenance Services - Katsustudio 6
WordPress Customization and Maintenance Services - Katsustudio 7

Website Custom Development

Once we are finished with the design and you confirm the design we will get down to business and the WordPress custom development begins.
We will replicate the design from PSD, Illustration and XD files onto the web. We will reflect the magnificence of the design and your imagination onto the world wide web. We will deliver each and every section and functionality just as you asked us in our website custom development packages.

We will launch your website on the server and hosting service you purchased yourself, or we’ve purchased for you as a part of our services and you’ll have your site live.
Have fun and earn money!

Katsu WordPress Maintenance Services

Experience brilliance and stay on top with Katsu Studio. After we are finished with designing, developing, and launching your WordPress website it is now time for the WordPress maintenance services. You might think that WordPress maintenance is a waste of money and extra labor, but don’t make a mistake my friend, a WordPress website without maintenance or at least initial maintenance will not survive. Our WordPress website maintenance services include:

Speed Optimization

SEO Optimization

Server & Site Security

Set-up CDN

Monthly Reports


Premium Support

Site Migration

Daily Back-up

Marketing Strategies

Web Design & Development From A to Z

Building a website has multiple stages. Some of these stages are preferences and you can do them on your own, but some need deep technical knowledge and skill. We focus on WordPress customization, so you can focus on more important matters
Here’s what you should do
Website Purpose

Choosing a concept and topic. You need to define what your website is all about. The purpose can be an agency, shop, Job-finding platform, and etc. When you define the purpose of your website we then choose the requirements for such a website. WordPress customization is all about purpose and functionality.

Website Line of Work

Defining the niche. You need to provide us with the information about your line of work. We need to know what you want to sell and what is your business. For example it could be a website for a shop, confectionery, business, and etc. The WordPress customization is very dependent on the type of your business.

Design Conceptualization

Coming up with a desired sketch of the design you have in mind. For your website design you can send us a template, sketch or anything that gives us the idea of what you have in mind. Bear in mind that design is one of the most important parts of WordPress customization and maintenance.

Here’s what we handle for you
Design Stage

Designing the conceptualization of the website that is decided by the client. It has 3 stages. Sketch, Digital Sketch and the final design. Then the design is handed over to the client to get the confirmation. If not it will be reviewed.

Design Confirmation

Client confirms the design, if not it will be done again and again until the client is satisfied with the design. Most probably there needs to be some minor justification, modifications and corrections. The design will not completely change.

Website Development

Our developers will start developing the website for you. This begins with the first invoice sent and paid by the client. Then in the middle of the time period a report will be given to the client and the rest of the payment will be received at the project delivery.

Site Lunch

We will launch your website on a server and hosting service for you. If you purchase the service from one of our partners, then you will also receive a good discount on the project as well. This way you will receive the hosting and your customization with discount.

Website Maintenance

We provide you with initial maintenance services like Setting up Webmaster tools for your website, SEO boost and optimization, Speed optimization, Launching Live chat platforms, and more.


We deliver the project as we have discussed, if anything is not to your likings, we will stand by your side until you receive the service you desire. Our highest priority is having happy awesome customers.

Best Web Design and Development Services

Katsu Studio is a team of passionate designers, developers and SEO & Marketing experts. We have been involved in designing & developing some of the most famous Themeforest & Codecanyon themes & plugins.
These themes and plugins are among the most successful in the world, making us the best choices for handling your WordPress website customization and maintenance. Surely there are more important matters you need to focus on to grow your business, rather than handling a website on your own, so why not just keep calm & let us grow your business.
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Start Your Journey With Us!

Start Your Journey With Us!

Lets Talk

Head over to our support forum for any support inquiries.

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